I Quit Overeating grads can't say enough!

On my self-assessment on the last day, I had eight 10 scores! I’ve learned to trust myself around food, I’m having far fewer cravings (and when I do have a treat, I just enjoy it to the fullest and don’t feel guilty after). I’m trading time spent beating myself up and hating my body for time spent taking care of myself and enjoying my food.
Manitoba, Canada
I Quit Overeating has given me the tools for sustainable life long change. The lifetime membership aspect means that whenever I’m struggling or in need of a boost I can return to a supportive community of like-minded people. I highly recommend it!

“This is the best outcome I could have hoped for. The guilt is gone. I don’t worry about it [my eating]. It’s so nice not to have that constant anxiety about my weight or a number on the scale. It’s totally given me freedom in that regard!”

– Kim Neufeld